Small stories, big journeys



Without a doubt that these ladies are skilled jewel makers. With their traditional knotting techniques and positive attitude they have produced since 2007 for A Beautiful Story. Working at Beads for Life gives them a chance to take care of their family and be independent.

I like working on all the designs. They all look very good and I enjoy working on them. I have been working here for so many years. I don’t even like staying at home because I like coming here to work. Working here has helped me a lot. When I was sick I didn’t have to worry about paying my medical bill, because I had support from A Beautiful Story and Beads For Life. Right now my husband is sick as well and working here has helped me paying his medical bills and buying medicine for him. So I am very thankful and would like to send gratitude to A Beautiful Story for providing us with many projects to work on.

Anju Kari
I have been working here for nearly ten years. I enjoy working here a lot. Working here has helped me to support my children, my household and myself. I really like working on the Gypsy necklace because it’s so beautiful. I also like working on the Joy bracelets. 

Santoshi Gurung
I have been working for Beads For Life since it started. My role is to inspect and check the order production. I like working on all the projects of A Beautiful Story. All of these items we are working on are very beautiful. We check if the stones are chipped and if the quality is good enough. Working here has helped me a lot with my house rent. I have been able to send my children to school, buy them new clothes and feed them healthy food. It has helped me in many ways. I am very grateful that I can work here. I like working here a lot. That’s why I have been working here since it started and I don’t search for other jobs. 

Kalpana Khadka
Working here has helped me in my day to day life. I am able to support myself and don’t have to depend on anyone else since I have started working here. My work for A Beautiful Story and Beads for Life enables me to take care of myself.