Artisans' workshop

Artisans Workshop is one of our most important co-creating partners. This multi-faceted business is owned by Sanjaya Chitrakar who we got to know in 2011. Since then he has been a very valuable business partner. 

Bhavani Shrestha (38) 
Production and administration coordinator Artisans Workshop | lives in Kathmandu 

Bhavani is our always-smiling rock who takes any request very seriously. She was born in a middle class family and was brought up with a strong belief in hard work and sincerity. While simultaneously studying and working, she started at Artisans Workshop as a storekeeper and she developed into an invaluable coordinator in the workshop. At the same time she finished two Master’s degrees: Public Administration and Business Studies, an opportunity she is very thankful for. Her patience and focus are priceless for the development of our new collections. Personal challenges have made Bhavani challenge cultural values such as male dominance and traditional expectations, so her motto is: ‘dare to be different, then you know yourself’.

Sanjaya Chitrakar (50) 
Owner / co-founder Artisans Workshop | lives in Kathmandu with wife and sons

Sanjaya is our inspirational co-creator who is passionate about handicrafts and doing good business. He is a natural entrepreneur who has inherited his skills from his father, while his uncle was a famous artist who made portraits and statues of kings of Nepal. Sanjaya describes himself as ‘a soft spoken person with positive attitude’, who feels supported and motivated by the A Beautiful Story team. Challenges do not scare him, actually they give him energy and joy to continue. Sanjaya forms a strong duo with Bhavani, whose sense of responsibility he values very much. Bhavani organizes the production and administration, so he can focus on the sourcing of raw materials and tools. His motto: ‘let’s grow together’!